This revolutionary idea began with beer! If beer could be poured on tap at any location or event with the right equipment, why not wine, as well? Well, that is exactly what we are doing. In recent years, wineries around California and beyond have started kegging their wine for restaurants and wine bars everywhere. With the use of separate kegerators and Nitrogen or Argon gas in place of Carbon Dioxide, it can be done! Now, that we've slowly figured out the science of a pressurized keg we can take advantage of it.

The great thing about using a pressurized keg system is that no air or light can get into the container, which is the main concern when bottling or packaging any wine or beer. As long as we can keep the wine from spoiling from too much exposure to Oxygen, Heat, or Light, we can take any wine anywhere and pour it with ease and comfort knowing every glass will be as fresh as as the first.

There is No need to worry about corkage or wasted bottles any more!

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A 5 gallon keg = 2 cases of wine
2 cases of wine = 24 bottles
1 bottle = 750 mL. or 5 glasses of wine
5 gallons = approx. 120 glasses of wine

* You're probably spending between $10-$20 for a basic bottle of white wine 
and maybe between $15-$50 for a bottle of red 
* Pay less for more for your party!

$300/24 bottles of wine = $12.50 for every 750 ml no matter what wine. 

* All wines kegged for Riel Wine events are high quality wines from the top local producers of the Central Coast.

A gold medal winner 2011 Zinfandel which retails about $45 a bottle, 
Riel Wine can get in a keg for a much lower flat fee,
without the fear of a corked or spoiled bottle, 
or any bother with trash and electricity.